Women Specific

Why a women's specific page?

Because contrary to some belief we are not just small men.  We have unique needs and hormones play a significant role in training and racing.

I can help you navigate the specific issues women face in running and triathlon.

  • Training through pregnancy and postpartum
  • Fitting in training while balancing a family
  • Your body responds to training and nutrition differently during specific times of your cycle
  • Finding clothing that is comfortable to race and train in (chafing is no joke)
  • Confidence to know what you're talking about and navigate the bike/triathlon shop, because lets be honest sometimes women get brushed off, I know I have been a time or two

I want to build a community of strong women from all walks of life, career focussed, moms, athletes, first timers, anyone who is badass enough to take on this sport and see what they are capable of.  From finishing their first triathlon or 5km to setting PR's, lets show them what we can do.


Next Steps...

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